WHC Facility Features

The World Hockey Centre is a world-class training facility located about 45 minutes Northwest of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  • Set on a 9-acre property situated between the towns of Shelburne and Alliston.
  • NHL-style dressing room, approximately 3,000 sq.ft in size, complete with full range of weight training equipment, "Spin" Cycles, large screen Satellite TV system, complete Audio/Video system, and 170 individual player stalls.
  • Full-length soccer and baseball field, 2 shooting lanes, basketball court, ball hockey court, short-sprint sand-track and obstacle course can be found outside.
  • Commercial kitchen/cafeteria facilities with full-time chef. Our kitchen produces a wide range of dishes to satisfy all appetites, with our players' nutritional needs in mind.
  • Recreational lounges consisting of a large screen satellite TV system, Video and DVD systems.
  • Computer/Study Hall classroom with internet access.
  • Players dorms located at both ends of the Centre, providing peace and quiet, and are designed to afford each player maximum privacy.
  • Full-time maintenance and security staff.